Placa de titanio recubierta de platino 170 X 60 mm para ionizador de agua

Platinum Coated Titanium Plate 170 X 60 mm for Water Ionizer

Platinum coated titanium anode is widely used in water ionizer because it can increase the electrolysis efficiency and get very many antioxidants in your drinking water.
UTron had provided platinum coated titanium plate 170 x 60 mm for water ionizer to their Spain customer. Below is some parameter for reference.
Electrode Substrate: Titanium in Gr1;
Electrode Coating: Platinum;
Coating Thickness: 1 Micron;
Coating Area: Double sides with the connection;
Size: 170x60mm;
Application: Water ionizer electrolysis;
Export Country: Spain.

UTron is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, all their products are strictly in accordance with quality management procedure. Their products have been exported to 62 countries in the world since 2006. Thanks to their professional engineers, they are capable of customization of platinum coated titanium electrodes, MMO anodes and titanium electrolyser. Welcome to contact us.


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