Ánodos de titanio recubiertos de platino para ionizadores de agua de 1 micra de espesor

Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes for Water Ionizers 1 Micron Thickness

Anodes are crucial component for a water ionizer, they are immersed in the water and electrolysis process is occurred in the water ionizer chamber. UTron provided platinum coated titanium anodes for water ionizer 1 micron thickness for its India customer. Below is some parameter for reference.
Anode material: Titanium;
Anode coating: Platinum;
Coating Thickness: 1 Micron;
Dimension: 80 x 40 mm;
Order Quantity: 500pcs;
Application: Water ionizer;
Export Country: India.

UTron is a leading manufacturer of platinum coated titanium anodes and titanium electrodes; their products have exported to 62 countries over 14 years. With expert engineers, they can customize the coating, operating life, size, and shape of the platinum coated titanium anode and titanium electrode.


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