Placa de ánodo de titanio recubierto de 8 μm Ru Ir para desinfección de agua

Plate Titanium Anode Coated 8 µm Ru Ir for Disinfection Water

Mixed metal oxides (MMO) anodes are particularly attractive for wastewater treatment due to their low cost, high efficiency, easy control, and versatility. Titanium substrate coated with RuO2 and IrO2 mixture is considered quite promising anode materials due to their outstanding mechanical stability, long service lifetime, and reasonable electrocatalytic activity. UTron had provided mesh titanium anode coated 8 µm ru ir for disinfection water to their Russia customer. Below is some parameters for references:
Anode Substrate: Titanium;
Anode Shape: Plate;
Size: Per the drawing;
Anode Coating: Ruthenium iridium;
Coating Thickness: 8 µm
Service Life: 3-5 years;
Application: Water disinfection;
Export Country: Russia.

UTron is a leading titanium electrode manufacturer in China. They have dedicated to titanium electrode production and research since 2006. With rich production experience and expert engineers, their products are of high quality. They are capable of custom the anode coating, service life, dimension, output current. Please contact us for more details.

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