Ir Óxido de Ru recubierto en ánodo de Ti 2 micras

Ir Ru oxide coated on Ti anode 2 Micron
IrO2 or mixed IrO2/RuO2 coated titanium electrodes performed a long-term lifetime of electrodes in other electrode materials for reversal of polarity condition.RuO2 and/or IrO2-coated titanium electrodes are the best suited to disinfection based on hypochlorite generation. This is due to their high production efficiency for hypochlorite from water with a very low chloride content. UTron had offered Ir Ru oxide coated on ti anode 2 micron to their customer from Korea. Below is some parameters for reference:

Electrode Material: Titanium;
Electrode Coating: Ruthenium iridium oxide;
Coating Thickness: 2 Micron;
Service Life: 2 Years;
Application: Electrochemical water treatment;
Export Country: Korea.

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