Ánodo de alambre lineal MMO de 1,5 mm de diámetro Sistema de protección catódica impresa

MMO Linear Wire Anode 1.5mm Diameter Impressed Cathodic Protection System
MMO linear wire anode has been widely applied for tank bottom cathodic protection for its low current distributed,long continuous circuit lengths and lower maintenance cost feature. UTron had provided MMO linear wire anode 1.5mm diameter impressed cathodic protection system to their Russia customer.Below is some parameter for reference.

Wire Diameter: 1.5mm;
Anode Lengths: 1000 meter;
Cable: with 20 meter HMWPE Cable;
Current output: 52mA/m;
Operate Life: 40 years;
Application: Storage tank cathodic protection;
Export Country: Russia.

UTron is a leading MMO Ti linear anode manufacturer in China, it has won invention patent in the year of 2009, with complete MMO linear anode production line, it has big production capacity. Except MMO linear anode, it can offer MMO tubular anode, MMO ribbon anode, MMO canister anode etc. They products have been exported to 62 country in the whole world. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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