Ánodos tubulares con cartucho MMO para protección catódica de tuberías

MMO Canistered Tubular Anodes for Pipeline Cathodic Protection
MMO canister anode is featured for easy to handle and install and lightweight, it reduces excavation and drilling costs and widely used in pipelines and storage tanks ICCP cathodic protection fields. UTron had offered MMO canistered tubular anodes 25.4mm dia1000mm length to their Spain client’s ICCP cathodic protection projects. Below is some parameter for reference:

Diameter: 25.4mm;
Length: 1000mm;
Coating: Mixed metal oxide;
Cable: 3 meters 1x10 mm2 XLPE
Backfill: Calcined petroleum coke.
Operating Life: 20 years;
Application: Pipeline Cathodic protection;
Export Country: Spain.

UTron is a top MMO anode manufacturer in China, with 14 years production experience, UTron has complete production line for ICCP cathodic protection, such as MMO ribbon anode, MMO tubular anode, MMO Ti linear anode, MMO canister anode, MMO rod anode, MMO wire anode. With expert engineers, UTron can customize the MMO coating, service life, current output, dimension etc. Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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