Ánodo de alambre MMO con 1,5 mm de diámetro para protección catódica

MMO Wire Anode with 1.5 mm Diameter for Cathodic Protection
MMO wire anodes of titanium or titanium/copper substrate coated with a layer of mixed metal oxide coating, it has a low consumption rate and easy to install, and has been widely used for water storage tanks and tank bottom anodes cathodic protection. UTron had offered MMO wire anode with 1.5 mm diameter for cathodic protection to their Kuwait customer. Below is some parameter for reference:

Wire Diameter:  1.5 mm;
Length: 1500 Meters;
Current Density:  100 milliamperes per ln ft;
Base Material: Titanium in Gr1;
Coating: IrO2 Ta2O5;
Design Life: 30 (years);
Application: Cathodic Protection;
Export Country: Kuwait.

UTron is a certified MMO anode factory with over 30 years of technical background. It can produce MMO tubular anode, MMO ribbon anode, MMO linear anode, MMO wire anode, etc. With expert engineers with rich project experience, it can custom the MMO coating, anode service life, output current, dimension, etc. Their products have exported to 62 countries in the world and proven of high quality. Contact for details now.

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