Varillas de ánodo motorizadas para calentadores de agua a gas Protección catódica

Powered Anode Rods for Gas Water Heaters Cathodic Protection
Sacrificial anode magnesium rod in water heater failed to eliminate lingering "rotten egg" odor.By adopting powered anode rod, this problem will be permanently solved.
UTron had provided powered anode rods for gas water heaters cathodic protection for their Russia clients. Below is some parameter for reference.

Rod Diameter: 3 mm;
Rod length: 340 mm;
MMO coated area: φ3*340mmmm;
MMO Coating: ruthenium-iridium oxide;
Operating life: 10 years;
Application: Water heater cathodic protection;
Exported Country: Russia.

UTron had offered powered titanium anode rod for water heater to many countries for years. It can customize the coating, rod diameter, length and output current. With over decades MMO titanium anode production experience, the products UTron offered has proven of long operating life and efficient performance. Welcome to contact for details.


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